Zahra Khanalizadeh

I am currently a final year MSc student in Economics at Sharif University of Technology, in Tehran, Iran.
I am being co-advised by Prof. Mohammad Hossein Rahmati and Prof. Mohammad Vesal .
My research focuses on electricity markets and examining the bidders' behavior in electricity markets auctions.

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Research Interests

  • Industrial Organization
  • Computational Economics
  • Energy Economics
  • Empirical Microeconomics

Teaching Assistant

  • Energy Economics, Spring 2020
  • Microeconomics 1, Fall 2019
  • Industrial Organization, Spring 2019
  • Advanced Programming (JAVA), 2015
  • Principles of Programming (C/C++), 2013-2014

Ongoing Research

- Master's Thesis: Comparing the Market Equilibrium in the Pay-as-Bid and Uniform-Price Formats of Auction in Wholesale Electricity Markets.
Advisors: Dr. Rahmati and Dr. Vesal

- Working Paper: Why Do Firms Bid Stepwise Rather Than Uniform in a Pay-as-bid Electricity Market?
Co-authors: Dr. Rahmati, Bijan Aghdasi

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